DiamondStudios is a Youtuber from the Republic of The Philippines that makes Minecraft:Pocket Edition related videos. At this time he currently have 100+ Videos and 126 total subscribers.

Channel Edit

DiamondStudios' channel have all sorts of Minecraft:Pocket Edition videos! He makes Redstone Tutorial Videos, Minecraft Tutorials, Let's Build Series, Let's Build Videos, Map Making Videos, Let's Play Videos and so much more.

He started his YouTube channel on Jan.24,2016 with a total of 10,500+ views right now and 126 subscribers (as of Sept.3).His channel is also known for it's differently styled videos which you can see or watch in YouTube right now.


DiamondStudios currently has 100+ Minecraft Videos. At this time, his most popular video is his Piston House video with over 3,000 views followed by his Mega Redstone House map video with over 1,000 views.He also makes special videos every time there is a special occasion such as the independent day of the Philippines on June 12.


Total Video Count: 106 videos

Total Subscriber Count: 126 Subscribers

Total View Count: 10,561 views

Country: Philippines

Joined YouTube: Jan 24, 2016

(Data as of: September 3, 2016)


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